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Name: Torins passage dosbox

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You must login before posting comments/adding games, click here to get to the login page! Game details. Torin's Passage - Sierra On-Line () Tested By. Torin's Passage (aka Странствия Торина, מסעותיו של טורין, Stranstvija Torina, 2 ) Download DBGL (DosBox Game Launcher) it's basically DosBox with a GUI. Windows XP Help · New Torin's Passage DOSBox Installer. Extras Like many of the later Sierra games, Torin's Passage has installation problems.

Problem  Installation Problems - AutoRun Hangs - System Test Crash - Game Specific Bugs. Torin's Passage cover. Developers. Sierra Torin's Passage at Wikipedia DOSBox version is also available (when using GOG Galaxy).

Availability - Game data - Video settings - Audio settings. Torin's Passage German Language Pack. 0. Valer1us Valer1us Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. Please, try again later. Torin's PassageTorin in DOSbox for OSX(1 posts)(1 posts). (1 posts). Pages: So would it be possible to get Torin as OSX App too? Pages. Let's Play Torin's Passage by Blind Sally. The easiest method is to go to Good Old Games and buy it.

It's only $ and it runs off of DOSBox. Trying to run the windows version of Torin's Passage in Windows XP Pro. A DOS version in DOSBox is always the answer to both of these. I decided to try and install the DOS version and use Dosbox (which I have absolutely no Try my Torin's Passage DOSBox Installer. Share. Download Torin's Passage for Windows. Game, Torin's Passage The archive includes the required emulator (DOSBox) and it's already configured.

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